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The presence of electromagnetic waves around us is what allows our devices to transmit information with other electronic devices and the immediate environment. If proper testing and checks are done on these devices there is a high chance that they would be unsafe to use for human beings.

The electromagnetic compatibility and interference of a device are two components that must be identified before a device can be certified safe for human use.

How can I differentiate between EMI and EMC?

The reason for testing the EMC of an electronic device is to allow the manufacturer investigate how capable the electronic device is in blocking electromagnetic waves while EMI testing involves finding out how well a device is capable of protecting itself from these electromagnetic waves that surround us, these waves can be from natural or man-made sources, the natural sources may include: lighting or radiation from the sun, while the man-made sources may include sources from all electronic devices that emit or radiate electromagnetic waves.

What should I know about EMI?

As identified earlier, EMI talks about the interference of electromagnetic waves that can affect how an electronic device performs, aside from the natural or man-made sources of interference, it can be classified into different categories which are:

  • First, is the category of EMI that usually comes from the circuits that emit electromagnetic signals
  • Next, the interference that comes from lightning and switching systems.
  • Then, there is Narrowband classification which is linked to devices like mobile phones or wi-fi routers, since these devices work at specific bands, any wrong signal that interferes with them can cause the devices to malfunction and lose their signals.
  • Lastly, there is Broadband, it can also be man-made or naturally occurring, naturally occurring broadband may be from the sun, where the sun’s position blocks out satellite signals or man-made where the repeated sparks cause interference.

One of the major sources of EMI is from the Integrated circuits present in our electronic devices, technological advancements have allowed the use of components that cause less radiation and some manufacturers build in gaskets capable of conducting the radiation if all else fails.

How can electromagnetic compatibility and interference be controlled?

Testing for EMI and EMC is essential because it allows the device manufacturer the ability to control and properly detect the radiation the electronic device generates which will allow the manufacture get acquire the certification that will declare the device safe to use. To control EMI and EMC some principles must be followed, these are:

  • The source of the interference must first the identified
  • Then you should set the standards for the levels of emission that you want the device to attain
  • Identify the design of the standards that the device would comply with
  • Test if the device meets those standards


Where to carry out Emc and Emi testing?

If you are in search of a state of the art EMC and EMI testing lab, you need to look no further than compliancetesting.com, our facility is capable of testing your devices to meet both local and international standards.

Emi Emc Testing

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Emi Emc Testing

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